States are moving away from "seat-time" requirements as they try to help students are falling behind, want to race ahead, or not served by traditional school schedules and structures.

The National Governor's Association wants Congress to give states lots of running room when it comes to crafting their accountability plans, according to an interim proposal outlining NGA's priorities for reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

A Colorado lawsuit challenges the TABOR amendment, which requires tax increases to go before voters in a referendum. The suit, which faces long odds, could have major implications for education.

Richard Laine, a former official at the Wallace Foundation, has been named the education director of the Center on Best Practices at the National Governors Association, which played a lead role in developing common academic standards across states.

Of charter schools that were reviewed for renewal, about 6 percent were closed, a decrease from the previous two years. Whether that means enforcement has become more lax, or charter operators have become better, is an open question.

North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue announces she won't run for re-election, after having fought often during her first term with state Republicans over school funding.

The former Florida governor says Republican politicians can win over Hispanic voters by focusing on school choice, digital education, and other ideas the GOP supports.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's rhetoric in promoting his school voucher plan angers teachers union leaders, though the governor says the labor organizations' criticism is misguided.

A poll shows broad support for California Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to raise taxes to support public education, but voters are also deeply skeptical of government's ability to spend wisely.

State are likely to pay a lot of attention to early grades instruction, trying to do more with less money, and common standards implementation, among other issues, an education policy group predicts.


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