Christopher Cerf, who was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's choice to serve as state schools chief, awaits confirmation by the state Senate.

A Colorado state judge declares the system's of state funding unconstitutional. Her ruling seems likely to be appealed.

A few states have dropped exit exams recently, and more states will move away from them to "common-core" assessments, a new report finds.

Officials in Montana and South Dakota say the budget picture has improved, which could help schools. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott is now pledging to support school, funding, after making major cuts to K-12.

A new review of state bullying laws by the federal Department of Education finds wide variation in protection and punishment for students who are bullied and harassed.

As part of a package of education proposals, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad wants to set a minimum 3.0 grade-point average for admission to state teacher colleges.

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire has proposed a temporary sales tax hike to stave off cuts to schools. A California coalition is pushing for a tax increase of its own, designed to raise $10 billion.

New York, Chicago, and Duval County, Fla., score well on a ranking of districts that provide students with access to school choice and competition. Orange County, and Miami, Fla., Dallas, and Philadelphia, among others, fare poorly.

A pair of polls, out of California and Pennsylvania, would seem to indicate public support for spending more on education. But voters' appetite for tax hikes for K-12 is hard to predict.

State budgets are improving, albeit slowly, according to a new report, but the gains weren't strong enough to avoid mid-year cuts to K-12, which were made by 18 states.


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