Making changes to pension systems isn't a cure-all for state budget woes, and in fact won't be of much help in the short term, argues one conservative author.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants to cut state spending on schools over the next two year. Some say the result of those cuts will be massive school layoffs, but others say those fears are exaggerated.

A Tennessee bill that seeks to allow teachers to help students "analyze, critique, and review," scientific topics cleared the House of Representatives. Critics say it targets evolution, specifically.

Estimates of coming school layoffs, if projected state budget cuts go through, range from a couple thousand to tens of thousands, depending on the state.

Republicans von legislative victories in Ohio and Wisconsin to strip teachers of many collective bargaining rights. But those measures now face legal and political challenges.

States and school districts are finally reaching the "funding cliff"--the point at which $100 billion in economic stimulus money runs out. Many are expected to be forced to make major cuts to programs and personnel.

The race between incumbent Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg is being billed as a fight over Gov. Scott Walker's controversial collective bargaining law.

A new analysis shows that states tend to raise taxes at the end of recessions, in an effort to recover lost revenue. Will lawmakers and governors do the same in 2011?

Minnesota lawmakers consider legislation that would loosen requirements for superintendents to lay off newly hired teachers first. The measure also seeks to prevent further adoption of Common Core standards.

An Indiana bill is being described as offering vouchers to middle-class families. Supporters say it could become the broadest voucher program in the country, if it gains final approval by the legislature.


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