Ohio lawmakers have approved a measure that would limit teachers' and other public employees' collective bargaining rights. But union officials are vowing to pursue a referendum to overturn it.

After 20 years, the nation's longest-serving appointed state schools chief has announced she will step down as superintendent of schools in Maryland.

State tax revenues rose for the fifth straight quarter, according to U.S. Census data, but K-12 system face a lot of problems ahead.

An Education Week story examines one school district that is taking part in the federal program and another that is not.

A circuit court judge in Wisconsin prevents Gov. Scott Walker's controversial measure to curb collective bargaining rights for teachers and others from going forward.

What kinds of school bond measures stand the best chance for success? A researcher, presenting his work at the Association for Education Finance and Policy, found that school refinance and renovation items do pretty well.

Despite being knocked back by legislation in several states, teachers' unions are stepping up their advocacy through legal action, mass communication with their membres, fundraising and other means.

Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers have committed to cutting overall state spending, and school spending, and creative a new competitive fund for districts.

Byong Man Ahn, the former minister of education, science and technology in high-performing South Korea, says his country is working to integrate more critical thinking skills, and enjoyment of learning, into its test-heavy school culture.

States often provide inadequate resources and sometimes lack the authority to take the necessary steps to improve low-performing schools, an analysis by the National Governors Association states.


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