New Jersey's education agenda goes forward, despite its controversial Race to the Top loss.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Congressman Lloyd Doggett spar over rules attached to the recently enacted Education Jobs Fund.

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman calls on education groups to join him in demanding a repeal of the health care law.

A newspaper speculates that former Fordham fellow Andy Smarick may be New Jersey's next commissioner.

New Jersey's fired education commissioner says Gov. Chris Christie went too far in criticizing his role in making a critical mistake on the state's Race to the Top application.

The state's superintendent of education Joseph B. Morton tells Education Secretary Arne Duncan in an impassioned letter that the Race to the Top competition used a flawed scoring system and punished the state for not having charter schools.

New Jersey Democrats are calling for the governor to apologize to the Obama administration for criticizing the Race to the Top process.

A scholar sees parallels between implementing Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind.

Eight of the nine winning states in the second round of Race to the Top competition are hosting governors' races this fall. And the District of Columbia is hosting a key mayor's race.

Gubernatorial candidates in Illinois, New Mexico, and Wisconsin tout ideas for raising money for schools, and cutting costs.


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