Voters in Oregon approve two tax increases aimed at supporting public education.

From My Notebook: Colleague Stephen Sawchuk and I have a story up on that takes a closer look at some states' Race to the Top applications, particularly the details that might make them stand out from their competitors. You'll find interesting highlights from Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Louisiana. But we couldn't possibly shoehorn all the worthwhile elements of every state's proposal into the story, so some notable tidbits didn't make it out of my notes. Here are few worth highlighting: In California, parents will play a direct role in triggering the restructuring of low-performing schools that otherwise may ...

Last-minute tweaks will allow states to help more schools, the Education Department says.

Oops! In their rush to make sure that the author of a book on Marxism didn't make it into the state's new lineup of social studies standards, members of the state's board of education ended up banning a similarly-named children's author, Bill Martin Jr., who wrote the iconic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? It seems the board meant to keep Bill Martin, a DePaul University philosophy professor and the author of Ethical Marxism: The Categorical Imperative of Liberation out of the new social studies curriculum, but, due to some shoddy online research, wound up also barring the ...

Welcome to State EdWatch, the latest addition to's blogroll, where I will be your host and guide to gubernatorial elections (we've got 39 this year!), budget battles, and education policy sausage-making by legislators, state superintendents, and various state boards of education. Let's kick this thing off with an item on Race to the Top, that $4 billion economic-stimulus money competition that we are all so weary of, but also can't seem to get enough of. As I worked on a story for this week's issue of Ed Week about the concrete details that made it into states' final ...


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