District administrators in both states say this year's provisional report cards are deeply flawed and are pushing their legislatures to repeal the requirements.

A superior court ruled in September that the state's funding formula leaves a vast divide between the education wealthier white students receive and that of poor, black, and Latino students.

North Carolina's outgoing governor and Republican-dominated legislature in a special session stripped the state board of most of its powers and placed them under the state's elected superintendent.

Until this week, Iowa was one of the last states in the nation not to have faced a lawsuit over its school funding formula.

House Bill 17, part of an effort to weaken incoming Gov.-elect Roy Cooper's authority, would strip the governor-appointed state board and the governor of several policymaking powers.

As in several other states dependent on tax revenue from natural resources, Wyoming legislators are looking for ways to make millions of dollars in education budget cuts.

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of the Inspector General launched an investigation after the state reported that it had the nation's third highest graduation rate.

Lawmakers in Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Utah have all gave previews this to their 2018 fiscal year budget proposals.

Education issues took center stage in the battle between the GOP incumbent and the state's Democratic attorney general, Roy Cooper, and was the closest governor's race in state history.

State school board members and its incoming superintendent weigh a moratorium on the state's accountability system because of computer glitches and insufficient time to adjust to new standards.


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