Republican Gov. Mary Fallin called for a special session to use a surplus in their budget to give teachers a raise but the state's teachers union doesn't trust her.

As the secretary of education in Virginia, Anne Holton, advises the state's governor on education policy but does not oversee the state's education department.

The Republican Governor has previously faced criticism from Chicago Teachers for his opposition to pouring more money into the Chicago district's budget.

State Superintendent Randy Dorn argues that by spending local tax dollars on teacher salaries, districts are letting the legislature shirk its duty to fix the school funding formula.

The state administered a variety of exams to high school students last year and sometimes failed to give exams to students with limited English and with special needs.

The state's public schools will receive $200 million more in funding, but many superintendents say it still isn't enough to avoid budget cuts.

Washington legislators decided this year to come up with a way to reform their school funding formula next year, a move that has angered the state's superintendent of public instruction.

The state's budget sets aside $2.5 million to help private schools meet state mandates.

Poor districts in the state have long argued that the state's 20-year-old funding formula is entirely too reliant on local property taxes.

Illinois joins several other states that have exchanged high school tests aligned with the Common Core State Standards for a college-entrance exam.


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