District-led efforts in Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville to turn around low-performing schools academically outpace those of the state, according to a recent Vanderbilt University study.

The Common Core State Standards proved to be the most-frequent topic among the 10 most-read blog posts on State EdWatch in 2015.

The state decided last month to allow districts to chose whether to take PARCC or state-specific exams.

Morath replaces Michael Williams to lead the agency which oversees 1,200 school districts and charter schools.

The county's citizens fought state efforts to close down schools and build a new $56 million high school with a 15-year $11 million loan.

In a conference call, three state chiefs describe how they plan to flex their new powers.

The Common-Core task force was commissioned by Governor Andrew Cuomo to "overhaul the Common Core system — to do a total reboot."

To make up for the loss in revenue, the state's school districts have been taking out hundreds of millions of dollars in loans. A setback could result in even more drastic measures, education leaders say.

A local teacher group says the system is built on flawed or incomplete data and should be tossed out.

Edwards received a groundswell of support from the state's teachers' unions for his opposition to vouchers and charter schools.


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