Brian Whiston, who was hired in 2015, set ambitious goals for the state and helped create its accountability plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

As state legislatures continue to wrap up business for the year, the Data Quality Campaign and EdChoice take a look at how data and school choice issues were faring among lawmakers.

Kansas will offer up $534 million more this fall to its public schools, an amount it will tell the state's supreme court in the coming weeks is enough to provide students with an "adequate" education.

Sharon Griffin will oversee Tennessee's state turnaround effort under its Achievement School District, which has been plagued by charter school pullouts, layoffs and leadership changes.

The state's last superintendent resigned under pressure after he attempted to take over Montgomery's school system and figure out a way to grade the state's schools.

The state's education department is in the process of upending its school governance model, implementing a new accountability system, and considering how to expand charter schools.

Teachers, who have threatened to strike, remain skeptical about the promised raise since Gov. Doug Ducey hasn't described in detail how he'll pay for it and lawmakers still must sign off.

Teachers plan to converge on the state's Capitol this Friday to urge the state's legislature to override the governor's veto, a move that will likely shutter a large portion of the state's schools.

The state's supreme court said last year the state's legislature must come up with more money for its school system by the end of this month. Many predict $534 million won't be enough.

State Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe has been officiating over the state's politically thorny district consolidation process, and many are asking for it to be placed on hold until the state board replaces her.


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