Does the widespread rebuke by states of the Medicaid expansion show that states are not so easily coerced by the federal government--and its money--after all?

Rep. Phil Gingrey wants to stop the federal government "from either directly or indirectly mandating or incentivizing state and local academic standards and curricula."

The new formula recommended by an Illinois Senate committee report would focus more resources on low-income students and reduce state bureaucracy.

A group of Colorado school superintendents call for an additional $275 million in state public-school funding on top of a proposed increase from Gov. John Hickenlooper.

The state-run Newark district has been roiled recently by conflicts about charter-school expansion and school closures.

Kentucky had been uncertain for many months about whether it would use the PARCC tests for common standards.

A pledge by Gov. Terry McAuliffe to address the name of a sea between Japan and the Korean Peninsula in Virginia textbooks has highlighted historical animosities.

The bill would require Indiana to drop the common core, but wouldn't explicitly bar the state from re-adopting the standards later this year.

Cindy Hill has said she'll resume her previous duties as Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, but an ongoing state investigation into her conduct still could pose problems.

As Kansas awaits a landmark decision on K-12 school funding, what's happening in the Evergreen State might provide a preview of fights over who controls the budget.


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