Speaker Sheldon Silver, a Democrat, argued that the Common Core State Standards were imposed improperly on teachers and other education officials without the proper support.

A revised version of proposed California school-funding regulations wouldn't let districts meet certain requirements simply by showing higher student performance.

Jim Rier is currently Maine's acting commissioner, and has worked at the state department since 2003, when he became its director of finance and operations.

The North Carolina state board is considering assessment options for the common core, but state lawmakers will also have a say, and are studying the issue.

Many of the most popular blog posts for State EdWatch in 2013 concerned the common core, while others Involved big names like Arne Duncan, Tony Bennett, and Michelle Rhee.

A prominent common-core supporter and chief of the first state to adopt the standards, Holliday has served as CCSSO's president-elect over the last year.

The Arizona department says it doesn't make sense to make decisions about school accountability and reading retention until a new "baseline" is set in 2014-15.

A review of the top curriculum posts of 2013, and a lighthearted look ahead to the headlines you probably won't see in 2014.

A strong supporter of the common core, Luna becomes the second current elected Republican superintendent to join Chiefs for Change, along with Oklahoma's Janet Barresi.

In several states, education departments' budgets often were not connected to their overall strategies, a Center on Reinventing Public Education report says.


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