Acting U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education James H. Shelton argued that other nations' decision to expand on what has been successful U.S. education policy helps explain lagging U.S. scores on PISA.

In her executive order, Gov. Mary Fallin also says that the state's standards won't jeopardize student privacy or parents who home-school their children.

Indiana superintendent Glenda Ritz says the document shows state officials are planning to remove her as chairwoman of the state school board.

The free-market-oriented organization is considering draft bills dealing with school choice and a state records database with academic information on individual students.

The study from the Oklahoma education department about A-F grades said an October report critical of the system was in fact misleading in several ways.

Compared to other tests from groups including ACT and Amplify, the study said Smarter Balanced assessments remained the best choice for Michigan.

The court said Georgia's historical precedent clearly allowed for the state to remove local officials under certain circumstances.

Foes of the 2012 state law allowing charters say it runs afoul of the state constitution, but its defenders say it's a key piece of the state's education policy shift.

The Oregon complaint targets the state school boards association, while a teachers' union in Maryland has also filed a grievance regarding work on common-core aligned curriculum.

High school students will not take the common-core-aligned exam in 2015, state Superintendent John White announced, under a plan giving Louisiana schools a decade to meet score expectations.


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