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A "Map" for Current and Future Teachers


From guest blogger Sean Cavanagh

A new Web site offers teachers the ability to look at the certification requirements, as well as the average salaries, of any in state in the county, with a few clicks of the mouse.

It's called "CertificationMap.Com, and it's a creation of [email protected], the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education’s Master of Arts in Teaching program, which delivered online.

The "map" would allow a job-seeker, career-changer, or educator of any sort to examine any state's requirements on skill testing, subject-area competence testing, and prerequisite coursework. It also allows visitors to scroll through various state department of education homepages.


Interesting idea, but completely useless without information on Alternative Certification Routes. Better to check http://www.teach-now.org/ for info about what states require for cert. Also, needs to include info on whether ABCTE is accepted in state, because that would change the testing requirements AND coursework requirements. Perhaps because it is from a College of Ed they haven't included that info?

If you go to the ABCTE site, they link with Certification Map. So far from my serching, Certificationmap.com is the only source for all of this information in one place. Especially for people considering to go to a University or College to learn how to become a teacher. Alternate route is a tough road without coursework...

Actually, it looks like http://certificationmap.com has a box about alternative certification and links to ABCTE in every state that accepts it.

this is an interesting situation. certificationmap.com is owned and operated by 2tor - fully for-profit private co., but under the guise of being an "edu" with USC. they're leveraging that USC relationship as much as possible.

and Jeremy, since you work there, you should take claim rather than try to sound like you stumbled across it - no shame...why not disclose?

this doesn't take away from the fact that it's a nice looking site, and a very good resource.

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