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Connecticut Loosens Certification Requirements

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In something of a nail-biter, the Connecticut legislature passed a bill in the waning days of a special session that will broaden some of the state's certification requirements. Like other states, Connecticut officials anticipate retirements in the near future and hope to attract more young teachers, as well as professionals seeking new careers.

According to this editorial in support of the changes, there was quite a bit of back and forth on the bill.

Among other items, the bill will expand the Teach For America program in the state, allow teachers of math and science to take content tests rather than coursework in order to receive state certification, and ease reciprocity so that teachers in other states can more easily come to work in the Constitution State.

1 Comment

As a single-subject English candidate in California with 15 years of technical writing experience and four years of community college teaching, not to ignore that my two children were in the gifted program throughout their schooling, I am glad to hear the sacrosanct institution of credentialing is in the news.

It seems to me that this institution actually keeps experienced and talented teachers away.

Thank you, and hopefully, California is next.

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