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Van Roekel Discusses Charters

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Here's a clip from the National Education Association convention of President Dennis Van Roekel talking about what he thinks accounted for the varied reaction to charter schools among the delegates. (See here for details.)

A couple of caveats about the video. First, Dennis' office at the RA was behind the stage and the lighting back there was terrible. Second, you'll have to ignore the "mood music"—a musician somewhere in the hall was playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on the piano throughout the interview.

1 Comment

More caveats:
President Van Roekel was getting ready to preside over the 10,000-member Representative Assembly right before the interview. He had a few minutes to chat with Stephen and we agreed in advance to allow allow only a couple of videotaped questions because we both knew that lighting wasn't the best and that it was noisy. Not the best conditions but Stephen insisted so we went with it. The rest of the interview was off-camera and on the record. Hope to see it soon.


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