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California Urged To Address Teacher-Layoff Policies

An analysis from California's Legislative Analyst's Office urges the state to consider revamping its teacher-layoff policies, including reducing the emphasis on seniority.

Arne Duncan: Newspapers Shouldn't Publish Teacher Ratings

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said he opposes the publication of teachers' ratings in newspapers.

Teacher Turnover Affects All Students' Achievement, Study Indicates

A new study finds that teacher turnover harms student achievement and particularly affects low-income schools with more black students.

Louisiana Teachers Use Professional-Development Day to Protest

Teachers in a couple of Louisiana districts have gotten the green-light from their districts to take a professional development day to protest legislative proposals on teacher-quality rolling through the statehouse.

Training of Teacher-Evaluators Examined

Formal training of the principals and other observers conducting teacher evaluations is a complex, necessary, and often overlooked component of the systems, concludes a new paper.

Teachers' Assessment Preparation Weak, Advocacy Group Claims

Teachers aren't getting enough formal preparation on how to make use of the reams of assessment data states are generating, contends the National Council on Teacher Quality in a brief released today. For the brief, NCTQ reviewed coursework from a representative sample of 48 teacher-preparation programs at 29 colleges. (The council plans an expanded report based on 200 programs in a few months.) It looked to see whether the programs instructed teacher-candidates and provided opportunities to them to practice in each of three main domains: • Assessment literacy, or understanding the types and purposes of various assessments. Less than half the...

Teacher Retention Up, But Scores Flat, Under Chicago Reform Project

The Chicago Teacher Advancement Program increased mentoring and improved teacher-retention rates in some participating schools compared to a similar, nonparticipating set—but didn't appear to raise student achievement, according to a study released today.

USED's Labor-Management Collaboration Conference: The Sequel

The U.S. Department of Education is gearing up for its second labor-management collaboration conference in May.

Fla. Teacher Training Routes Vary in Effectiveness, Study Shows

A variety of Florida alternative certification programs attracted a more qualified-on-paper group of teacher candidates compared to traditionally certified teachers, but varied in how effective graduates were in the classroom, a new study shows.

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