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Two bills with different visions for improving teacher preparation were recently introduced.

An Iowa education bill would create new professional and pay opportunities for teachers.

Several new proposals to link teachers' salary to classroom performance have emerged in recent weeks.

New York announces an $11 million bonus program for effective science and math teachers who help coach novices.

CTU President Karen Lewis was elected to a second term, a move with implications for the American Federation of Teachers.

Delaware has raised GPA requirements for admission into teacher-prep to 3.0, while many states require only a 2.5.

Tennessee will use federal funds to encourage its best teachers to teach in underperforming schools.

While teacher salaries continued to increase on average during the recent economic downturn, they did so at a much slower pace, according to a new study from the Washington-based National Council on Teacher Quality.

States tend to set the cutoff score on their licensing exams far below the average score of test-takers.

Several states have changed laws on the books on whether teacher evaluations are public records.

Agency fees, charged of union nonmembers, are under scrutiny again in a California lawsuit.

A provider of MOOCs plans to begin some teacher-training modules, and will partner with a number of teacher colleges.

Novice and minority teachers tended to be assigned the lowest-achieving students in their schools, according to a new research study.


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