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A national survey of some 20,000 teachers finds generally positive opinions about the common core.

Republicans have some big questions for the U.S. Department of Education's plans to begin a 50-state strategy to address the unequal distribution of top teachers.

Newark's Cami Anderson wants the Christie administration to waive the state's reverse-seniority layoff requirements.

Florida becomes the latest state to bow to a court's request that teacher value-added data be released to news outlets.

Like Portland, Ore., earlier this week, St. Paul, Minn. has reached a tentative deal with its teachers' union.

The NEA slams common-core implementation and makes recommendations for improving it.

Portland, Ore., appears to have averted a teachers' strike.

A review of more than 600 math professional-development studies found just two detailing positive effects on students' math proficiency.

Two sisters, plaintiffs in Vergara v. California, take the stand.

Neither New York's governor nor its teachers' unions like flexibility announced by the state's Regents on teacher evaluation results.

Teachers in New York will for now be able to appeal evaluation results on the basis that they didn't receive enough training or support for implementation.

A Utah bill would allow districts to use up to eight day of class time for teacher professional development.

Teachers in Medford, Ore., walked off the job Feb. 6, and those in the state's largest district, Portland, have approved a strike.

The New York City school system's new leadership may place teachers from its costly reserve pool into permanent positions in the classroom.

Tennessee may scrap its new rules tying value-added measures to recertification.


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