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Among other measures, the bill would require the state board in charge of education labor relations to proactively inform teachers about their rights to decertify their union.

Students whose teachers offer encouragement are more likely to continue their education beyond the age of 16 than those who don't get the same support, according to a British study.

The district hopes being able to move up the pay scale faster will keep teachers from leaving for suburban districts.

The proposal is garnering comparisons with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Act 10, which has led to the demise of over 100 unions in Wisconsin.

President Donald Trump on Monday signed a bill overturning a controversial education regulation put in place during the Obama Administration that would have required states to rate teacher-preparation programs annually as a way of holding programs accountable for the performance of their graduates.

Title II grants to pay for teacher training are targeted for elimination in President Donald Trump's proposed budget, but states are still moving ahead with plans to spend the money.

The previous efforts have faced setbacks in both the courts and at the ballot box.

Lawmakers say they want to give administrators more of a say in which teachers are dismissed during layoffs.

The United Federation of Teachers contends that it represents teachers at the original KIPP school in the South Bronx.

Most U.S. public school students are taught by certified and experienced teachers, according to a report by the National Center for Education Statistics, but the numbers vary looking across states, school districts, and different school and student characteristics.

Last month, Ohio Governor John Kasich suggested that teachers be required to job shadow at a local business in order to renew their licenses. Now two House Democrats are saying he should have to do some job shadowing of his own—inside Ohio public school classrooms.

The teacher-training organization is urging Congress to protect AmeriCorps funding in the final budget.

One Republican lawmaker prefers bonuses because that way legislators can bypass collective bargaining processes.

President Donald Trump's proposed budget, released today, calls for the elimination of programs that provide districts with funding for teacher training and improving teacher prep programs.

Instead of calling on substitutes when teachers are absent, New York City could save $9 million a year by sending students online to complete assignments independently, a report finds.

The original proposal attached $672,000 to the bonus scheme but lawmakers have reduced that to $250,000 to boost the bill's chances of passage.

With education school enrollment down nationwide, districts are setting their sights on local high school students to fill teacher shortages.

Teacher Beat talks with the advocacy group behind the measure, which is aimed at addressing the state's teacher shortages.

The results of the elections will decide whether the school board tilts for or against more charters in the district.

The push for higher teacher pay may be doomed by the state's poor financial state.

Today, teachers from Chicago's largest charter school network held a press conference to explain why they intend to unionize.

The election turned on whether the union was focusing too much on big-picture politics and not enough on the everyday issues that members face in their schools.

The $1 billion AmeriCorps program provides money to Teach for America and other teacher-preparation organizations.

After Louisiana made changes that weakened its tenure system, teachers left the profession in droves, a study finds.


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