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Schools across Oklahoma will shut down on Monday to let teachers rally at the state capitol for increased education funding.

More than 20 districts were closed on Friday due to teacher outcry over the passage of a pension overhaul bill, which changes how new teachers will retire.

Elementary students matched with the same teacher two years in a row show improvement in test scores, according to a new study, with the benefits being greatest for students of color.

A case challenging New York's teacher-tenure laws will move to trial despite the union's attempts to dismiss it, an appellate court ruled.

The Oklahoma legislature has passed a $6,000 teacher pay raise. The state teachers' union called the passage "historic," but said that teachers will still walk out on Monday.

A government report found that 63 percent of TEACH grant recipients were forced to repay the money as an unsubsidized loan.

The Michigan ruling could be a signal of what's to come after the case on union fees that's currently being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Congress' fiscal year 2018 omnibus spending bill preserves funding for the Title II program, which pays for teacher development.

A new analysis by an education think tank found that only certain financial incentives work to improve teacher diversity.

Colorado's Supreme Court last week ruled against teachers who are fighting a state law that allows school districts to put teachers on unpaid leave without a hearing.

A recent study from the Ohio State University found that 20 percent of teachers who were physically or verbally victimized at school did not tell their administrators.

A new study finds that mandatory collective bargaining laws did not improve teacher pay or public education spending.

Teachers in Kentucky are protesting a bill that would cut their pension benefits, while Arizona teachers are fighting for higher pay and smaller class sizes.

Most teachers do not want to be armed and don't think that guns in schools would help with safety, according to three polls released this week.

The poll's finding that most NEA members dislike the idea of arming school employees matches the message from NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.

Despite many school districts' use of apparently uniform salary schedules, females in the education workforce are typically paid less than males for similar roles, according to an analysis of educators' salaries and pension benefits in Illinois.

The Oklahoma Education Association unveiled its legislative demands for a teacher pay raise and increased education funding. But many teachers worry it's not enough.

Has West Virginia's teacher strike started a movement? Arizona teachers are wearing red today to protest low wages. A strike could be imminent.

The Oklahoma Education Association originally gave the state legislature an April 23 deadline to pass a pay raise for teachers, but after public outcry, the state accelerated the deadline to April 2.

Union supporters have claimed that strikes and labor unrest could happen more frequently if the Supreme Court rules against mandatory union fees. But experts aren't so sure.

There is overwhelming support for a statewide teacher walkout to push for higher pay, according to an online survey by the Oklahoma Education Association.

The statewide teacher strike could end today if both chambers of the legislature pass the bill to deliver a 5 percent raise to all school employees.

An "unintended consequence" of teacher-evaluation and teacher-tenure reform might be that fewer candidates are pursuing careers in teaching, researchers found.

In the midst of West Virginia's eight-day-and-counting teacher walkout, Oklahoma educators gear up for a strike of their own.

The West Virginia Senate trimmed the proposed pay raise for teachers from 5 percent to 4 percent, prompting union officials to declare that the strike will continue indefinitely.

Public schools in West Virginia are closed despite a deal that was supposed to end the teacher strike today.


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