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The analysis shows that teachers who think they make a satisfactory amount are more likely to like their jobs than teachers who don't.

At a hearing, Betsy DeVos brought up performance in response to a question about teacher walkouts—but the activism behind the walkouts has not focused on performance at all.

Louisiana teachers want a pay raise and they're willing to join a statewide walkout to get it, according to a new survey by the teachers' union.

In the latest victory for educators, a high school math teacher ousted a Kentucky incumbent who co-authored the controversial pension reform bill.

According to a news report, the National Education Association plans to slash its budget by $50 million, anticipating an unfavorable ruling in the Janus case.

Education Week sat down with American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten for a conversation about the recent wave of teacher activism and how the unions are preparing for the Janus decision.

A sea of red-clad teachers took to the streets around North Carolina's legislative building in Raleigh to fight for higher pay and more school funding. See photos from the event.

Thousands of teachers will head to the state capital on Wednesday to call for a nearly $10,000 raise over four years and an increase to per-pupil spending.

Desmond Blackburn, the superintendent of the Brevard County, Fla., school district, will lead the nonprofit that's well known for its work mentoring incoming educators across the country.

States using student test scores to rank teacher-prep programs should find a better way, according to new analysis.

The number of teacher-candidates for governorships and roles in state legislatures is growing by the day. Ed Week wants to know more about these candidates.

The final version of the bill reduces the cost-of-living raises and increases employee contributions to their retirement, among other changes.

In determining salaries, states should go beyond counting years of teaching and degrees earned, and consider factors such as performance and non-teaching work experience, argues the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Weeks after the widespread teacher protests in Colorado, Pueblo teachers went on strike for higher pay and better benefits.

The 11,000-member local union in Las Vegas, Nev., Clark County Education Association, broke ties with its state and national union last week.

Thousands of North Carolina teachers will take leave on May 16 to protest at the state capitol, forcing some school districts to close.

The weeklong Arizona teacher strike was set to end with Gov. Doug Ducey's signature on a teacher pay raise plan Thursday—but teachers aren't declaring this a victory.

The teachers strikes, walkouts and protests in several states have been embraced by many pushing their cause under the social media moniker of #RedforEd and by teachers showing up at events dressed in bright red.

Arizona teachers say they don't think the budget deal meets all of their demands, but it will still be enough to call off the strike.

Teachers at Alliance College-Ready charter network, feeling left out of decision-making, have joined a union.

State legislators are debating a budget proposal that would boost teacher pay raises 20 percent by 2020 and invest $371 million in schools by 2023.


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