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While all states incorporate some aspects of culturally responsive teaching within their professional standards, most fail to provide a description of the practice that is clear or comprehensive enough to support teachers in developing and strengthening those skills, a new study from New America finds.

Teachers in North Carolina and Oregon plan to walk out of their classrooms in protest in May.

High-poverty schools are hit the hardest when it comes to a lack of fully certified and experienced teachers, a new report from the Economic Policy Institute says.

The Indiana state teachers' union is pushing to protect student and staff safety during active-shooter trainings.

The Partnership for Educational Justice, which was founded by school reform activist Campbell Brown, has lost its executive director as it focuses resources toward an anti-tenure lawsuit.

A new study estimates that 81 percent of teachers won't have comfortable retirement savings under a typical defined-benefit pension plan.

Commissioner Wayne Lewis requested a list of the teachers who had taken sick days in the 10 districts where teacher absences caused work stoppages.

President Donald Trump's proposed budget seeks to eliminate the $2 billion Title II program for professional development, while creating vouchers for teachers to use to take courses.

Thousands of teachers marched in Annapolis on Monday evening, pushing for higher pay and more resources for their students.

Teacher-preparation programs need to better prepare teachers, and especially white teachers, to serve students and communities of colors more effectively, the report says.

Even when schools remain open, teachers across the country are speaking out for an investment in public education and protesting school-choice measures.

After seven days on strike, Oakland, Calif., teachers have reached a deal with the district that includes an 11 percent pay raise.


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