Houston Leaders Propose Slashing Bonus-Pay Program for Teachers

Houston may redirect funding from its $14 million merit-pay program into regular salary increases.

Seattle Teachers Stage Walkout Over Funding

Uncertainty over a salary proposal, a state supreme court decision on school funding, and a class-size referendum all propelled the walkout.

New York Again Delays Teacher-Testing Requirements

Teacher-candidates who have struggled to pass a series of new licensing tests in New York will be given new flexibility.

Are the NCTQ's Preparation Standards Linked to Better Teaching?

For the most part, there was no consistent relationship between the standards and better teaching.

Calif. Unions Appeal 'Deeply Flawed' Vergara Ruling

A judge's ruling last summer to overturn teacher-protection statutes was thinly argued and misread state constitutional law, they contend.

Feds: N.M. Can Use Evaluations to Meet 'Highly Qualified' Teacher Mandate

Veteran teachers getting a score of "effective" or better don't have to follow current rules for demonstrating subject-matter knowledge.

Scores Fall on New Mexico's Revamped Teacher Evaluations

Fewer teachers got ratings of "effective" or better under the state's controversial new rating system.

In Surprise Move, Teacher Ed. Accreditation Group Ousts President

James G. Cibulka will be replaced by a former state superintendent until a new president can be found.

Gates' Teacher-Prep Grants Will Fund Cooperatives to Scale, Share Practices

The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Research: Teacher-Retention Rates Higher Than Previously Thought

Only 17 percent of teachers tracked in a federal longitudinal study left the profession, far fewer than the often-cited 50 percent.

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