Lewis, who has been battling cancer, says she will still be engaged in Chicago politics and education.

School-based health clinics for teachers and their families can significantly lower a district's health care costs and slightly reduce teacher absenteeism, a new study finds.

New York City teachers will be eligible for six weeks of paid parental leave beginning on September 4.

Female teachers, principals, and superintendents in Pennsylvania earn significantly less money than their male counterparts, a new study shows.

A new report by Education Resource Strategies found that teacher compensation has been largely stagnant over the past few decades.

The staff union for the National Education Association is threatening to strike over contract negotiations.

A new analysis looks at what happened in Michigan and Wisconsin after right-to-work legislation was passed to collect clues about what an unfavorable Supreme Court ruling could mean for teachers' unions.

A new study finds that teachers who graduated from the UTeach preparation program in Texas outperform other STEM teachers across the state.

The state's budget bill, which Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law this week, caps annual raises for end-of-career-teachers, lowering the pension they can receive.

A survey by Educators 4 Excellence shows that while a majority of non-union members say that unions are important for teachers, many would still opt out of paying mandatory fees if given the choice.

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