Randi Weingarten says that only certain stakeholders should be able to review value-added teacher data.

Not too long ago, I promised you more analysis on the action at the two national teachers' unions conventions. I just filed a story for Education Week on this topic. The punchline: the unions' different governance structures have a lot to do with the paths they've pursued in these areas. You can read the story here. (For daily coverage from the conventions, click on the archives for July 2010; entries begin July 2.)...

Washington state pays its math and science teachers, on average, lower salaries than other teachers—undercutting plans by that state's leaders to invest more heavily in the quality of math and science teachers, a new analysis argues.

Reporters for the Los Angeles Times just posted a potentially explosive story based on the use of teacher "effect" data that indicates which teachers seem to be producing the strongest gains for their students.

State lawmakers and district officials should revise local collective bargaining contracts and state laws so that they support high-quality professional development, urges a report released recently by four groups. The National Staff Development Council, the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and the Council of Chief State School Officers banded together to produce the report. It incorporates the work of six state teams charged with examining local collective bargaining language and state codes that shape professional development. The report covers a wide swath of topics, including whether the states have standards for professional development; specify budgetary policies for ...

Fully 24 percent of the i3 winners plan to use their grants to help improve teacher effectiveness. You may have heard of some of the big-ticket winners, like Teach For America, which will use its $50 million grant to grow the size of its teacher corps by 80 percent by 2014. But here's a rundown of some of the other winning teacher plans: • The American Federation of Teachers' own Innovation Fund will use its grant to scale up one of its projects, a plan to pilot and implement a new teacher-evaluation and -development system in select New York and Rhode...

The American Federation of Teachers has joined several other groups in filing a class action today on behalf of 350 Filipino teachers who were allegedly subjected to usurious fees, substandard housing, threats of deportation, and other harassment by a teacher-recruitment firm, USA Today reports. The teachers came to Louisiana on H-1 guest-worker visas arranged by Universal Placement International, a Los-Angeles based company. The lawsuit is the culmination of AFT's investigations into the company's practices. AFT, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the firm of Covington & Burling filed the suit together. UPI's owner, Lourdes Navarro, and two other employees of the ...

The Chicago Teachers' Union is suing to prevent the school district from laying off hundreds of classroom teachers and instructional "coaches," the Associated Press reports. The district is trying to close a huge funding shortfall, but the union says that the district violated the teachers' due process and constitutional rights in firing about 240 teacher coaches and sending pink slips to 600 classroom teachers and other support personnel. However, one of the interesting wrinkles is that about a third of the pink-slipped teachers had an unsatisfactory evaluation rating and were identified for layoffs for that reason, rather than under reverse-seniority ...

The Council of Chief State School Officers recently released a draft of professional teaching standards for public commentary.

A new report looks at reforms to teacher-pension programs, many of which are seriously in the red right now.

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