Ever wonder how the state affiliates keep their members in line on votes on new business items and the like?

Vice President Biden emphasizes areas of agreement with NEA's vision of public education.

An item to delay a vote on whether or not to endorse Barack Obama was just voted down by the National Education Association's delegate assembly. Now, pay attention please: This does not mean that the union will actually endorse Obama later this weekend! It merely means the vote won't be put off. There was quite a fierce debate on both sides of the equation on this one, and some really fabulous quotes. Like one from the delegate in favor of a delay: "We are not pregnant, and we don't need a shotgun wedding," she said. "Let's wait and not allow ...

The NEA passes an item criticizing Duncan, and the Education Department responds.

The NEA endorses the "Save Our Schools" grassroots march planned for Washington, D.C., in late July.

The "Wisconsin 14" were the senators who left Madison this spring to try to block a bill supported by Gov. Rick Scott that stripped public workers of many collective-bargaining rights.

Will NEA go through with an early endorsement for Barack Obama?

A new business item to be debated today lists many criticisms of the U.S. Secretary of Education.

NEA's budget committee recommended cuts to close a $17 million projected shortfall.

Delegates offered a variety of opinions on the National Education Association's teacher-evaluation policy statement at an informal "open hearing" before the start of the convention.


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