A teacher-effectiveness industry of sorts appears to be rapidly developing, thanks to the Race to the Top and other policy efforts. The latest sign of this interesting phenomenon comes from an Atlanta Journal-Constitution story reporting that Georgia will spend $750,000 on a contract to hire an expert to develop a teacher-evaluation plan, provide training to a team that will show teachers and principals how to use it, and do follow-up surveys for the results. State officials said they didn't have the internal capacity to do the work. The contract is apparently coming out of standard federal education dollars and ...

A dangerous game of chicken is emerging all over New York in regards to teacher evaluations.

Eight of the "Chiefs for Change" endorse a controversial review of education schools.

Five states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards are beginning work on an initiative to create an open-source "platform" that would help teachers access, download, and create resources tied to the common standards, officials from the Council of Chief State School Officers told us today. CCSSO and the states of New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Colorado will take the lead in helping design and pilot the platform, with financing promised by the Seattle-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Four other states—Delaware, Kentucky, Georgia, and Louisiana—are planning to take ...

A bipartisan team has reintroduced a bill to expand eligibility for the Troops to Teachers credentialing program.

The National Council on Teacher Quality unveils teacher-quality proposals for the next iteration of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Top on the list of stories that caught my attention this morning as I was catching up on last week's news was the announcement that former Washington Teachers' Union President George Parker would be joining former District of Columbia Chancellor Michelle Rhee's advocacy group, Students First, as a senior policy fellow. In that role, he'll be talking to state lawmakers and teachers' unions' officials about the need for unions to be involved in changes to the profession, including better policing of their own members' performance. This came as a big surprise to a lot of folks. The president of the ...

The American Federation of Teachers says that, despite a lot of the political rhetoric out there, teachers' retirement benefits are not overly generous. But it also calls for ending some practices, such as pension "spiking" that raise taxpayer costs.

Readers, I'm taking a short break this week and will be back with you promptly on the 23rd. In the meantime, keep those comments, tips, and emails coming to [email protected] Stephen...

The week saw two major developments in teacher effectiveness policies in Illinois and in Houston, Texas.


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