In an analysis of 10 districts, the highest-performing teachers appear to be underrepresented in economically disadvantaged middle schools.

Debate over the "highly qualified" teacher standards in ESEA continues even as policy discussions shift to measures of effectiveness.

Unions are fighting back against bills pending in state legislatures around the nation that seek to curb or eliminate such things as collective bargaining, automatic-dues deduction, or strikes, as I report in this week's edition of Education Week. They're using a variety of tools, which include everything from lobbying to lawsuits. One aspect I didn't have much space to write about in the story deserves some special attention: efforts in Wisconsin to recall eight Republicans. Campaign-finance laws forbid dues money from being used for campaigns and elections; they have to come out of PACs, and union sources I spoke to ...

Former D.C. Chancellor and union critic Michelle Rhee says she supports teachers' right to bargain

Few NBCTs have transferred to "challenging" schools in Washington state, a report concludes.

A report analyzes the "diversity gap" between white and minority teacher candidates on licensing tests.

Teachers and parents hold rather different opinions about aspects of teacher quality, such as whether student growth ought to be a key part of measuring teacher effectiveness, a new survey finds.

A report explores the first year of data from D.C.'s IMPACT teacher evaluation system.

Teachers in Wisconsin and Idaho consider early retirement in the wake of recently passed bills to curb bargaining and change pay or benefit structures.

By guest blogger Liana Heitin Here in New York at the International Summit on the Teaching Profession, education leaders from 16 nations came to the roundtable (literally, it was a large one) to share ideas and experiences on how to improve teaching. But while participants spoke in broad terms about improving the profession, they offered few concrete policy ideas for doing so. The event included representatives from the usual players when it comes to international comparisons, including Finland, Singapore, and Canada. Several countries that have not commonly been part of the conversation also participated, including Estonia, Slovenia, Poland, and China. ...

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