As concern mounts nationally over how to prepare students for available jobs, externships—instructive stints in local industries—are becoming an increasingly popular means of providing teachers a sneak peek at the skills their students will need to be competitive.

Union watchdog and critic Mike Antonucci won't attend the National Education Association's 2017 Representative Assembly in person.

Arizona districts are using the state's emergency substitute certificate program to staff classrooms with teachers who only have a high school diploma or its equivalence.

Students feel happier, more valued, and more motivated when they have a teacher of the same race and gender as them, a new study finds.

Stephen Sawchuk will head over to the Curriculum Matters blog and Liana Loewus will be writing here at Teacher Beat.

A bipartisan group of senators today introduced a bill aimed at giving teachers more opportunities to take on leadership roles without having to leave the classroom.

Teachers in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, are using a labor action called "work-to-rule," under which employees do no more than what is required in their contracts.

Elementary math teachers remember what they learn in their teacher preparation programs, and use it when writing lesson plans years down the road, according to a new study.

The teachers say district's alternatives to suspensions and expulsions are making classrooms less safe.

But the deal is worth $245 more than the district has budgeted, so some say it could trigger layoffs down the road.

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