Welcome to Teacher Beat! My colleague Vaishali is the veteran who came into edu-journalism through a traditional journalism program. I'm the novice who fell into it through what amounts to our profession's version of an "alternative route." We're sure to have a lively discussion! And what better way than to start off on a controversial topic: class-size reduction. One of the participants in the ongoing NewTalk.org discussion, Ryan Hill, from TEAM Schools, a network of KIPP schools in Newark, N.J., has this to say about the intervention: "I can attest to the fact that the smaller a class ...

Three local affiliates of the National Education Association this week joined the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, or AFL-CIO, the umbrella group’s blog reports. The locals, from California, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, will add 3,000 dues-paying members to the AFL-CIO and will take the total number of NEA members in the labor group up to 12,000. It was two years ago that NEA President Reg Weaver announced that the 3.2 million-member union would allow its locals to join the AFL-CIO, after years of resisting such a move. Although there hasn’t been a ...

Welcome to Teacher Beat, the blog where we'll talk about the policy and politics of teachers: their preparation, quality, salaries, unions ... if it has to do with that part of the teacher world, you can be sure we’ll be writing about it. But if it's lesson plans and pedagogy discussions you want, you'll be better served going to our sister site here. This blog was conceived after the stunning response from readers to our NEA and AFT convention blog. That response also told us that there appears to be a deep need for a forum chronicling the various bits ...

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