Teachers in the Sooner State are well behind their peers in terms of pay. Unless lawmakers step up, teachers will continue fleeing the state for higher wages or else try their luck with a cyber charter of questionable quality.

The Trump administration announced that Salvadoran immigrants with temporary protected status, a group that includes teachers, must return to their home country by September 2019.

TFA alumni principals are less satisfied than other principals with corps members'job performance, according to a new survey.

A report by a prominent teacher-education group names 10 criteria for high-quality, evidence-based clinical practice in teacher-preparation programs.

Teachers at a top school in Buffalo, N.Y., are looking to get out of routine duties required of other teachers in the district like monitoring the cafeteria and supervising study halls, according to The Buffalo News. But doing so could have unintended consequences.

The state looks to military families to solve its growing teacher shortage.

Looking across the most-read pieces on the Teacher Beat blog this year, a theme emerges right away: money.

The final results of a federal study on performance pay are in—and it looks like giving teachers bonuses led to slightly better math and reading results from students.

The final tax bill that's likely to get passed by both houses of Congress maintains the $250 tax deduction teachers can use for classroom supplies, and yet teachers' unions are finding that little consolation.

Pinpointing exactly where teachers are needed has not been a priority for most states, according to a new report.

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