Schools across the country are ditching the traditional parent-teacher conference for academic workshops, where it's the parents who are learning the skills their children need to master.

Principals are more likely to rate teachers as ineffective in a confidential setting than on a formal evaluation with stakes attached, a new study finds.

Teachers prepared through a popular alternative certification program perform similarly to other teachers in their districts, despite having had a condensed training schedule, according to a recent federal study.

The NEA's new charter policy calls for a moratorium on all but district-authorized charters that meet a number of criteria—including permitting teacher contracts.

The NEA will call for DeVos' resignation by September if she does not sufficiently answer its questions about her plans for K-12 education.

Burton spoke critically of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' support of school voucher programs.

Learn how the union's caucuses shape what happens at its annual convention.

"I will not allow the National Education Association to be used by Donald Trump or by Betsy DeVos," NEA President Lily Eskelsen García said.

Anticipating unfriendly legislation, the NEA thinks membership will fall. And that's before the Supreme Court weighs in on agency fees.

As concern mounts nationally over how to prepare students for available jobs, externships—instructive stints in local industries—are becoming an increasingly popular means of providing teachers a sneak peek at the skills their students will need to be competitive.

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