More than two-thirds of superintendents in Oklahoma said the teacher shortage is worse there now than it was last year.

University of North Carolina in Charlotte has launched a high school for aspiring teachers on its campus.

Teachers who work at high-poverty schools and with mostly students of color are paid less than their peers at affluent schools with mostly white students—but the disparity is worse than people think, a new report says.

Support from the principal is important for retention of all teachers—but for minority teachers working in schools with few other teachers that look like them, it's critical, a new study shows.

The number of U.S. teachers has grown by 13 percent in four years, according to new data from the federal government, and has far outpaced the rise in student enrollment over the same time period.

Aspiring teachers in California will now be able to major in education as undergraduates, which an unusual state law there has technically forbidden for more than five decades.

The teachers' union in Puerto Rico voted to merge with the American Federation of Teachers, more than a decade after the union dropped a different affiliate for failure to pay dues.

A Florida law requires that the state's top-rated teachers earn the biggest salary awards, but that's not happening, according to a recent report.

A new report points to Washington, D.C., as a place where evaluation reform has improved the teaching force.

We want to hear from teachers: What skills do you think we should teach students to prepare them for the jobs of the future?

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