Today, teachers from Chicago's largest charter school network held a press conference to explain why they intend to unionize.

The election turned on whether the union was focusing too much on big-picture politics and not enough on the everyday issues that members face in their schools.

The $1 billion AmeriCorps program provides money to Teach for America and other teacher-preparation organizations.

After Louisiana made changes that weakened its tenure system, teachers left the profession in droves, a study finds.

The two Upstate New York districts are venturing beyond the largely white region to tap a more diverse pool of educators.

School schedules leave teachers little room for collaboration and reflection, according to a new report.

But is it a solution in search of a problem?

As Louisiana tries to recruit more special education teachers, Arizona lawmakers consider a bill that would let any teacher instruct special education students.

In the midst of a housing crunch, Eagle County School District in Colo. is considering tiny home construction as a strategy to recruit and retain teachers.

Ohio teachers may be required to job-shadow at a local business in order to renew their licenses under a provision in Gov. John Kasich's budget proposal.

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