Too often education schools fail to provide future teachers with a robust knowledge of the science of how students learn, and in some cases even teach them inaccurate information, scholars said at a recent conference.

The ruling tosses out the teacher's score, but doesn't have broader implications for the state system.

The social justice-oriented TFA pilot will end, but TFA says it will apply lessons to new recruitment efforts.

A state court ruled that Virginia must turn over growth data by school and classroom teacher, without redacting the teachers' names.

U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. spoke with a group of Boston public school educators at Gardner Pilot Academy about diversity in the teaching force.

Worried about the state's competitiveness, Alabama lawmakers pass the first teacher salary increases in nearly a decade.

Matching some of the most generous policies in the country, Mississippi will offer $10,000 annual stipends to National Board Certified Teachers willing to take on some of the state's toughest assignments.

The union contends that the system, which would have districts base at least 20 percent of a teacher's score on "student growth measures," violates a state law that requires that educators' evaluations be based exclusively on "observable, job-related behavior."

Just as it did recently with teacher evaluations tied to student achievement tests, New York is posed to walk back its efforts to heighten the requirements for entrance into the teaching profession.

The state's highest court rules that lawmakers can't take away tenure rights already granted to teachers.

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