A new study of 875 elementary ed schools shows the programs still have work to do, but they are making needed improvements to the way they train teachers.

The bill faced opposition from the state's governor.

This week, politicians in Maryland, Michigan, and Kentucky pondered their state's massive unfunded pension liabilities.

The proposal would back off from issuing every teacher a discrete score based solely on students' test scores.

The first round of accreditation decisions for teacher prep programs under a new set of so-called "tougher" standards is now over. So how did it go?

The city's teachers haven't received raises in four years.

Education programs in 14 states find out if they meet tough new standards.

Lawmakers hope to force all new teachers to enroll in 401(k) plans.

Bonuses have given the Broward school district in southern Florida a boost in its effort to attract and keep top teachers.

Students' race, ethnicity, and immigrant status play a role in a teacher's decision to speak with parents about their children's behavior and academic issues, a new study suggests.

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