Students Matter is suing 13 California school districts, claiming they are in violation of a state law that requires the use of student test scores in teacher evaluations.

While most states have spent 2016 reducing the weight placed on student test scores in teacher evaluations, New Jersey has decided to triple it.

Concerned about teacher shortages, state licensure boards across the country are making it easier to get certified to teach.

Summer vacation continues for millions of Mexican students as a dissident teachers' union shows no intention of ending protests over teacher evaluations.

Coming on the heals of the death of the Vergara challenge against teacher job protections, a new poll says that just three in ten support teacher-tenure laws.

After four years and two copycat lawsuits, the California Supreme Court, by declining to hear an appeal of the Vergara case, hands teachers unions a big victory.

A report published by the Brookings Institution found that even looking forward nearly 50 years, the teacher diversity gap will remain the same or worsen unless there are significant policy changes at every stage in the teacher pipeline.

After negotiations broke down over a new contract, Cleveland teachers say they will go on strike on September 1.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, upholding two lower court decisions, ruled that the Philadelphia school district violated state law when it unilaterally cancelled teachers' collective bargain agreement.

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