The Education Department has badly missed a deadline to prepare the congressionally mandated report.

More than a third of TEACH grant recipients to date have defaulted on their commitments.

Right now, that question is at the heart of disagreements over teacher-preparation policies.

In contrast to the conventional wisdom, an estimated 70 percent of teachers stay in the profession after five years, an analysis of federal data shows.

14 states now require teachers of young children to show mastery of reading instruction, through stand-alone tests of the subject's fundamentals.

The higher education lobby claims the new rules are too expensive.

Gov. Cuomo has vetoed his own bill to delay the use of common-core tests in teachers' evaluations.

A roundup of the most popular 2014 posts on Teacher Beat.

A new report warns that many teachers in states that don't extend Social Security benefits to public employees could end up with severe gaps in their retirement savings.

Some $18 billion is spent annually on P.D., including on-the-job training, but teachers still find it lacking.

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