The NEA will add to its collection of resources on opting out of standardized tests.

The NEA says it will put more resources into training and partnerships to combat unequal treatment of students of different races.

The NEA President spoke about her own journey within the union.

Yesterday, National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen Garcia sat down with Education Week for a wide-ranging conversation.

NEA reported boosting its 2014-15 membership rolls by about 14,300 educators.

What to watch for at this year's convention.

More than a half-dozen state affiliates have passed motions in support.

The code, released by state certification officials, aims to set a baseline similar to that in other professions.

The appeals process in the Vergara case will likely close out 2015.

The subcommittee proposals would scotch the rules until Congress can address them in the Higher Education Act. But they're a long way off from being approved.


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