The school system in Montgomery County, Md., is eyeing ways to improve the diversity of its teaching force.

Bill Haslam, a Republican, says teachers have convinced him that there should be less weight given to test scores in the state's teacher-evaluation system.

New York is drawing more of its teachers from the top-third of scorers on the SAT exam, and fewer from the bottom third of the pool.

The National Association of Secondary School Principals says the estimates shouldn't factor into personnel decisions on teachers.

A new initiative by the state teachers' union, board-certified teachers, and a Stanford group seeks to improve school-based professional development on the new standards.

A first look at the U.S. Department of Education's proposed rules for rating teacher-preparation programs.

One of the California lawyers in the Vergara case hints that constitutional provisions in Minnesota make it ripe for a similar challenge.

A report from a network of teacher-residency programs outlines specific lessons for improving the quality of the year-long, school-based training programs.

Few teachers took the transfer bonuses, possibly because many didn't seem to know about them.

The National Council on Teacher Quality takes a stab at that question with a report released today.

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