Your insider's guide to the Senate's draft bill reworking federal teacher-preparation requirements and grants.

Education Week kicks off its annual National Education Association convention coverage July 2.

Maryland, its unions, and administrators' groups vow to collaborate on the development of student academic-growth goals.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed off Tuesday on a plan to fully fund California's teacher-pension system by shouldering more of the share of teacher-pension costs onto districts.

A lawsuit modeled on California's Vergara suit is imminent in New York.

A teacher-retention bonus helped keep top teachers in Tennessee's low-performing schools, a new study finds.

Under new legislation, New York's teachers won't be penalized for low scores on the state test-score based portion of their evaluation in 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Two recent studies on TFA examine facets of the program. One continues to find that recruits boosted math scores in Miami schools, although they didn't seem to have much effect on their peer teachers. Another finds that older recruits are more likely to stay in the profession.

D.C. won't use a test-score-based method for judging teachers in 2014-15.

The Washington-based group contends that alternative certification suffers from low standards and poor training, just like its traditional, university-based brethren.

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