A new analysis found that states owe billions of dollars toward unfunded health care costs for retired teachers.

The 14 teacher strikes across the state of Washington have finally come to an end, with many teachers receiving double-digit pay increases.

The judge told teachers that the strike could be causing substantial harm to students.

Teachers are still on strike in three Washington school districts, and their fights with the districts are escalating.

The teacher wage penalty has continued to increase, with teachers earning significantly less than their college-educated peers, according to a new analysis.

Teachers in Seattle will be in the classroom tomorrow, signaling an end to a contract dispute. But teachers in Los Angeles are still heading toward a strike.

Teachers in seven districts are striking for higher pay—and Seattle may be next.

The PDK poll also found that most people think salaries for teachers in their community are too low.

North Carolina teachers had press conferences in seven locations across the state to criticize education spending levels.

The removal of a requirement that teachers earn a master's degree by their 10th year in the profession has been criticized by educators and the state teachers' union.

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