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February 26, 2019

You're More Likely to Pass the Bar Than an Elementary Teacher Licensing Exam

More than half of aspiring elementary teachers fail the Praxis exam the first time, according to an analysis by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

February 20, 2019

Higher Pay Leads to Smarter Teachers, Global Study Says

Students perform better academically when they have teachers with higher cognitive skills, the study found.

December 13, 2018

Do Teachers Have Sway in School Decisions? Depends Who You Ask

Almost all school leaders think that teachers are involved in making important school decisions, but just over half of teachers would agree.

December 03, 2018

When Hiring Teachers, District Leaders Prioritize 'Cultural Fit.' That Can Be a Problem

School and district hiring managers consider cultural fit to be more important than other factors, including training and experience, a new study finds.

November 12, 2018

Study: Having Just One Black Teacher Can Up Black Students' Chances of Going to College

Black students who had two black teachers by third grade were 32 percent more likely to enroll in college, a new study finds.

October 23, 2018

Should Student Behavior Be Factored Into Teacher Evaluations? Study Says Yes

Teachers' impact on non-cognitive, or social-emotional, skills is more predictive of students' long-term success than their impact on test scores, the study found.

October 23, 2018

5 Things to Know About Today's Teaching Force

The new analysis from Richard Ingersoll finds that 44 percent of new teachers quit within five years.

October 01, 2018

There Are Many More Female STEM Teachers Now Than 20 Years Ago

Over the last two decades, STEM teachers have become increasingly more likely to be female and well-qualified.

September 18, 2018

15 States Have Set Aside Nothing to Pay for Retired Teachers' Health Care, Study Says

A new analysis found that states owe billions of dollars toward unfunded health care costs for retired teachers.

September 05, 2018

Teachers Are Paid Almost 20 Percent Less Than Similar Professionals, Analysis Finds

The teacher wage penalty has continued to increase, with teachers earning significantly less than their college-educated peers, according to a new analysis.

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