Students Can Be Most Effective Teachers in the Art of Presentation

Students can be merciless in their assessment of teacher lessons and presentations. Use those experiences to hone the art of the pitch for startup investors and advisers.

What to Know When Registering Your Trademark

PROFESSORWORD® is now a federal trademark registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If you're thinking of registering a federal trademark for your startup, here's what we learned through the process.

The Best Presentation Advice We've Ever Received

As a startup entrepreneur, you'll give a lot of presentations: presenting at business plan competitions, showcasing your product to prospective customers, pitching in front of investors. Here is some of the best advice we have heard about how to prepare for presentations.

The Myth and Reality of 'Disruptive Students'

Some of the same students who were chronically disruptive in one classroom, were attentive and engaged in another. The difference was the teacher and the teaching style employed.

Three PowerPoint Alternatives You Need in Your Classroom

There are an estimated 300 million PowerPoint users in the world delivering an estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations each day. Here are some other options that might work better in the classroom.

Transitioning From Worker Bee to Organizational Leader

"If it doesn't make money, then what you're doing is just a hobby." What does this statement mean for ed-tech startups?

Finding the Right Startup Incubator for Your Ed-Tech Startup

Startup incubators (and accelerators), which help startups with mentorship, connections, office space, and sometimes capital, are ubiquitous these days. How do you know which incubator is best for you and your startup?

The Next Big Thing in Online Video: Student Production

New evidence suggests that it is not just teachers who make engaging and relevant recordings. Students do too.

Four Steps to Structured Student Conversations

If you are looking for ways to engage all of your learners, while also supporting the needs of diverse learners, then it's time to get them to start talking. Here is my four-step method to getting students into the roles of partner, presenter, teammate, and teacher.

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