How to Create Engaging Videos for Students With Three Easy Methods

Teachers often ask us for tips on the easiest way to get started with video creation. Here are three very simple, free tools with no learning curve.

Quick Ways to Teach Vocabulary With Limited Class Time

Vocabulary instruction is important, but it can be really hard to find time for it with limited class time. Here are some ways to teach vocabulary that won't take up a lot of time.

Being in the Vanguard on Ed-Tech Innovation Presents Startup Challenges

We've been on the forefront of ed-tech efforts around the sharing and creation of videos for teachers. But being a leader in the space also means being the first to grapple with new difficulties.

Ed-Tech Startup to Play Key Role in UNESCO Youth Forum Collaboration

The United Nations has tapped ed-tech startup company edtwist to help participants collaborate and share ideas over social media.

Revamping the Student-Teacher Portfolio for Real-Time Results

Despite evidence that preservice teachers often view electronic teaching portfolios in a negative light, they are staples of most teacher education programs. It turns out they're fantastic ways to reflect on practice and learn from your own mistakes.

It's Never Too Late to Accelerate Your Ed-Tech Startup

eduCanon, which launched in 2013, hasn't been around for decades, but it has grown beyond most people's vision of an accelerator-stage startup. However, we recently found two accelerator programs invaluable.

Six New Findings on Teacher Ed-Tech Usage

A new survey of 1,000 teachers found that educators are using more technology than some think, and that the driver is student learning.

Ed-Tech is Important, but People Are a Key Ingredient to Startup Success

When it comes to innovation, much attention is paid to the latest start-up to get funding or the hottest technology. But the human element is crticical to making innovation a success. Startups need to keep that in mind.

Startup Shortcuts: Tips to Improve Cold-Emailing Response Rates

More tips and tricks to address common startup challenges. This one focuses on strategies for getting the most out of your emailing efforts.

Should We Coach Teachers on Teaching to the Test?

How should teacher-educators, mentors, and coaches prepare their teachers for today's world of testing? While there's a lot of attention paid to progressive education concepts, the reality is that teachers are going to have to prepare students for high-stakes testing.

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