How Educators Directly Influence Ed-Tech Investment

Educators have more control than you might think over how ed-tech startups get funded and progress.

At Education Conferences, Swap Vendor Badge for Attendee Spot

As a vendor, education conferences meant hawking candy and key chains. As an attendee, I had authentic conversations and interactions.

Teachers Turn Pop Culture Into Engaging Online Learning Videos

Teachers are creative in the ways they take videos from YouTube, movies, and music videos and turn them into lessons that highlight complex concepts.

Rejection Therapy for Ed-Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups

Entrepreneurs face a lot of rejection. But if you learn to embrace it, success can be on the other side.

The Word 'No' Holds Power for Ed-Tech Startup Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are supposed to follow up on every lead, always say yes, and break down doors right? Maybe not. With limited time and money, doing fewer things well can pay off big.

How to Begin Your Ed-Tech Startup Journey Today

There are plenty of things you can do today to help down the road, if and when you decide to launch your own ed-tech startup.

Six Ways to Use TED Talks Effectively in Your Classroom Through Video

TED talks don't necessarily prepare students for the next standardized test, but they are perfect to get them thinking critically. Here are some examples of great TED Talks that inspire, provide professional development, and teach.

Five Steps to Turning Your Ideas Into an Ed-Tech Startup

Thinking of launching your own edtech startup? Here are some easy steps to help you start generating startup ideas. I'll also share how we came up with the idea for ProfessorWord.

How to Survive (And Thrive) as an Introverted Ed-Tech Entrepreneur

I'm an introvert. I do my best work when I've had time to reflect and work alone. In fact, too much external stimuli overwhelms me. So how am I also an entrepreneur?

Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurs in China's Ed-Tech Market

There is a massive opportunity for ed-tech ventures to tackle the large Chinese education market. The needs, challenges and rewards for working in China are great.

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