When Your Co-Founder is Also Your Significant Other

People often ask about how to find a co-founder for their startup. In our case, it was easy, but I have to admit that working with your significant other makes for some interesting pros/cons.

Is the Flipped Class Model Here to Stay?

Enthusiasts believe that the flipped classroom movement is completely transforming education, while detractors believe that the technological hurdles are too formidable. So where are we right now?

Convincing Teachers that Coaching Means Support, Not Obstruction

It took 11 months worth of work to initiate one trial of my startup's video coaching service at a school in Brooklyn. Teachers' reactions ranged from earnest curiosity to outright skepticism.

Six Reasons to Be a (Graduate) "Studentpreneur"

I worked on ProfessorWord while I was an MBA student. I discovered that graduate school is a great time to launch a startup.

Innovative Teacher in Three (Easy) Steps

I developed the mindset and fostered the environment to create eduCanon by starting with creative thinking and collaboration while I was a middle school science teacher.

What's in a Startup Name? How to Choose One That Fits Your Company

That startup which we call ProfessorWord by any other name would be ... just as sweet? Names are important, especially in the startup world. Mostly because if you pick the wrong name for your startup, it could cost you.

Quitting the Evaluation Frenzy: Growing Teacher Quality Instead

Evaluations are not very useful for improving teacher quality, but we can merge them with professional development to help focus on the growth of teacher quality instead.

Students Can Learn Vocabulary as They Read Online

In my first post, I told you about me. Today, I want to tell you about my startup, ProfessorWord. Our goal is to help students learn vocabulary as they read online.

How Teachers Can Create Videos That Engage Students

As a teacher, you may think slick production is the way to go in building engaging learning videos, but new data shows that variables within your control (and budget!) have more of an impact.

Why I Sought a Partner: Startup Burnout, Survival, and Sustainability

Being a solo entrepreneur requires doing the jobs of five people while having the time of one. Startup life is not meant to be shouldered by one person forever.

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