Should We Coach Teachers on Teaching to the Test?

How should teacher-educators, mentors, and coaches prepare their teachers for today's world of testing? While there's a lot of attention paid to progressive education concepts, the reality is that teachers are going to have to prepare students for high-stakes testing.

A Lesson for Ed-Tech Startups in Vocabulary Words

Research shows an adult needs to know 65,000 to 75,000 words to read and write well. That can be pretty overwhelming for a teacher of vocabulary. Ed-tech startups can also get overwhelmed when thinking about their future markets.

Great Feedback for Teachers Is Hard to Find

We got 420 applications while recruiting new instructional coaches for our team. Very few of them knew how to provide constructive feedback for teachers.

Schools Buying Ed-Tech Tools, Then Failing to Use Them

New research on how schools are using the ed-tech software and technology they purchase shows schools are not maximizing their investments. Often educators aren't even using the products in the classroom.

A Substitute-Teacher Culture Leaves Students Floundering

High teacher turnover can create a culture of substitute and long-term substitute teachers in a school, with negative impacts on student achievement. Is mentorship and high-quality professional development the answer?

Using Ed-Tech for Personalized, Adaptive, and Differentiated Learning

As education transforms through the use of technology, the language describing these new methods can be confusing. But it adds up to helping teachers personalize learning for students.

Back to School: Tips for Implementing New Technology

Many teachers find themselves in a bittersweet situation at the start of the new school year. Often, their school has used the summer break to launch new technology initiatives. What can teachers do to make this transition go smoothly?

Four Reasons Ed-Tech Tools Must Work With Teacher Systems

You might not know their technical names, but if these digital tools are working well, school and classroom ed-tech applications will run smoother. Are yours working?

Can Crowdfunding Pay for Teacher Professional Development?

A Philadelphia principal tries to use crowdfunding to pay for teacher professional development that the district budget won't cover. Will it work?

Vocabulary Strategies for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners

When it comes to vocabulary instruction, most of the commonly-used instructional techniques, particularly at the middle school and high school levels, tend to favor visual learners. But what about all the auditory and kinesthetic learners?

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