Ed Week Blogger Moves On

Rumor has it that non-employee edweek.org blogger Alexander Russo, in search of fame and fortune, has moved kit and kaboodle over to scholastic. com. It's been great fun working with Alexander (I'm gonna miss those 3 a.m. calls! and the demands for only blue M&Ms in his dressing room!). If you've followed Alexander for any length of time, you know that he is a prolific blogger, providing a never-ending stream of news, commentary, and reports on the comings and goings in the edusphere that often inspired heated reactions. (Who could forget, for instance, "Our Hottie Is So ...

So Long, Farewell -- I'm Off To Harry Potter Land

After nine mostly blissful months blogging at EdWeek.org, I'm off to try out a new home at Scholastic. Yes, Scholastic. Me and Harry Potter. I know. As of Monday, I'll start as a contributing editor and blogger for Scholastic Administrator. You can find my new stuff here, though the kind folks here have offered to leave this up for a little while so no one gets lost. Here are my new coordinates: New URL: here New RSS feed: here Master URL: here (if you ever can't find the site) Contact: [email protected] Thanks, and so long....

The Week In Review (October 29-November 4)

Best Of The Week Funders "Heart" TFA A Pack Of Dogs, A Fire Hydrant, And A Powerful Lobby Urban Education Unionized Charter Schools Headed EastA "National" Test For Urban DistrictsHow Cash Incentives Really WorkSetbacks For NYC "Incentives" Guru Roland FryerPLUS:  New York City Department Of Education Responds Bush Administration No Crony Left Behind  Spellings Press Event Tomorrow May Be Faked  Like Imus, Edison Schools Is Coming Back Campaign 2008Obama Gets Tough On NCLB Tensions Within The Universal Preschool Crowd Teachers & Teaching Follow The Bouncing Ball Wisconsin NCLB Protest Teacher Gets Reprimand Letter  Research, Politics, and -- Yes ...

A Pack Of Dogs, A Fire Hydrant, And A Powerful Lobby

Lots of takes from the blogs on the NEA letter from yesterday, which, ironically, is signed by none other than Diane Shust, the NEA lobbyist who used to work for Miller. Joe Williams of DFER who broke the news notes tongue in cheek "Whatever happened to support for multiple measures? Isn't it cruel/unfair to hold a Legislator accountable for the results of a single test?" I love it. PreaPrez, one of the most bilious people in the edusphere (at least towards me), says the NEA is just doing what it's supposed to do. Indeed, that's true. That doesn't make ...

Like Imus, Edison Schools Is Coming Back

If disgraced shock jock Don Imus can make a comeback, why not somewhat disgraced school management company Edison? That's exactly the plan, according to the SF Schools Blog, which has come across a "secret" document about the comeback plan: A whole new Edison Schools. After you're done there, check out this May 2007 letter from Edision CEO Terry Stecz which was deleted from the Edison site but recovered thanks to Google Cache. Says Stecz: "We are on the cusp of releasing E2, our new school design, engineered to drive better outcomes, and, in so doing, we are preparing students for ...


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