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Don't Forget The Teachers, Says LDH

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"Whatever one thinks about the 5-year-old federal law," writes Linda Darling-Hammond about NCLB in a commentary from this week's EdWeek (A Marshall Plan for Teaching), "it’s clear that developing more-skillful teaching is a sine qua non for attaining higher and more equitable achievement for students in the United States."

UPDATE: Teacher quality could also be addressed through the still-unfinished HEA reauthorization, reminds another EdWeek article.

1 Comment

Concerning the aug 30,2006 article on p.25 claims Iraqi..... "For the first time, I felt what it meant to be a second-class citizen in my own country, welcome to the club.It means absolutely nothing for the "good ole boys" to discount educators in this country with next to slave salaries for giving them a worthwhile education. Ms. Kadhim thought that the CAI,Inc.had integrity, well think again.

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