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Minority 12th Graders Vs. White 8th Graders -- Who Scores Higher?

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This month's Education Writers Association newsletter (here) digs into the oft-cited statistic that black and Hispanic 12th-graders perform academically at the level of white eighth-graders, based on a report comparing NAEP scores of those two groups. Based on a listserve discussion among reporters, the newsletter describes how several reporters questioned whether the test scores between eighth-graders and 12th-graders could be compared, talked to experts about the issue, a figured out what to do with the conflicting responses they got. Very interesting stuff -- that EWA listserve is great, I hear.

1 Comment

Forgive the self-promotion. The EWA newsletter is available to all on the EWA website weekly - or is emailed to members.
EWA-L, the Education Writers listserv, is a story sourceline and is open only to reporter members of EWA. Alexander is goofing here - he's on the listserv.

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