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Reaction Roundup -- What Did You Think Of The Speech?

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I'm still groggy from trying to give immediate reactions to the President's speech last night (Live-Blogging The State Of The Union) -- which was fun but ridiculous -- meanwhile, others make some interesting (and similar) points this morning:

UPDATE: A Constrained Vision: "At the State of the Union speech tonight, two of the First Lady's guests had something to do with education." (Ed policy in the First Lady's box)

UPDATE 2: Get Schooled: "It didn't take President Bush long to bring up education in his "State of the Union" address last night, and it took even less time for him to move on to other topics." ('No Child' Goes On)

UPDATE 3: Chairman Miller: "The task of renewing the law will be made much more difficult if the President's budget fails to provide a substantial increase in funding for schools to carry out their responsibilities under the law."

UPDATE 4: Mike Petrilli (Fordham): "Though it's not the fundamental rethinking of No Child Left Behind that we would have preferred, the president's reauthorization proposal represents a pretty decent repair attempt. It's 50% "stay the course," 30% "tweak and tuck," and 20% "bold new ideas." (Mr. Fix-It)

UPDATE 5: Quick & The Ed (again): "Note to NBC: This woman is NOT Margaret Spellings." (Will the real Margaret Spellings please stand up?)

UPDATE 6: Reality CheckED: "There's been a lot of talk about a backlash to testing, but to the extent that's happening, it seems to be happening among teachers...More than half of parents, about 54%, feel the amount of testing is "about right." (NCLB Gets A Nod)

Eduwonk: "The fact that President Bush’s State of the Union clearly said he wanted No Child reauthorized is significant, as is the placement of education at the top of the speech. But beyond that, not a whole lot in Tuesday night's speech." (All Hat, Hidden Cattle)

The Quick And The Ed: "Am I the only person who found it odd and somewhat unseemly that the President of the United States used a portion of his State of the Union Address to essentially advertise a line of baby toys?" (Bush Hearts Baby Einstein)

For more great blog writing -- that's not about the SOTU speech -- check out my little roundup of some recent favorites here: Great Blog Writing. There's some really good stuff in there.

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I, too, thought the Baby Einstein promo was bizarre. Why is the President promoting products that encourage young children to sit in front of a tv when they could be reading or out playing? No wonder we have problems with obesity and poor reading skills.

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