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Russo On The HotSeat


From all the laughter in the background, I think Mike Petrilli and Rick Hess must do some mid-day drinking as part of their weekly Gadfly Show. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, being on the show was a lot of fun, and they were kind and open-minded to have me on despite my being an early critic of the podcast (and generally skeptical about podcasts that aren't This American Life or the latest episode of "Lost"). They asked about how this blog came to be at EdWeek (I pitched it to them), and about whether I've changed my mind about the do-ability of national standards (not yet), about why I'm so bad at math (my Montessori education), and why I'm so harsh on Andy (I'm a bad person). Here's last week's episode (audio): Average Yak Poundage. The new one will probably be up later today (Thursday).


We can plausibly blame a lot of things on a lot of other things, but for my money, its a stretch to blame bad math skills on a Montessori math background.

fair enough, though i did spend two years in the library without doing any math during 3rd and 4th grades.

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